Installing Recess Lighting

Recessed lights will always do the trick for good lighting with uncluttered looks anyplace!  Brighten dark corners, highlight artwork or turn your dining room table into a dramatic setting. Unlike track lights, recessed lights are inconspicuous until you turn them on!

Tools & Materials:

Stud finder
Recessed lighting fixture
Drywall saw
Tarp jigsaw
Cable clamp
Drywall circle cutter
Twist-on wire connectors
Adjustable wire stripper
Long-nose pliers

Recommendation are one fixture for every 25 square feet of floor space. For good ambient lighting, use floodlight reflector bulbs. Spotlight reflector bulbs are a good choice for precise accent lighting.

Nowadays, there are an incredible number of recessed lighting styles, available in both low voltage (small but bright halogen bulb) and line voltage (traditional reflector bulb) verions.

Installing Recess Lighting


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