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Wiring your new home with true quality involves the awareness that homes have to grow with dreams.  Today’s new homeowner is looking to do more than simply build a dwelling to inhabit as is for the next 30 years.  He or she has expectations of creating their own unique, personal expression of themselves through an ideal living experience.  To make your desires concrete, Shoreline Electrical will utilize its 30 years of electrical design and consulting expertise to wire your new home with a blend of creativity and tangible component installation unparalleled by our competitors.  Shoreline Electrical maintains a strict policy of using only the highest electrical components, name-brand quality devices, and copper wire fully compliant with today’s energy codes.  We install air seal fixtures with IC (insulation contact) ratings fully compliant with all governing authorities, and we can wire your new home with any number of safeguards to protect against power failure.  We carry a number of generators that can subdivide your new home’s wiring system into fail-safe subsystems that will independently power critical appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, HVAC, and selected lighting in the event of a neighborhood power outage. 

Knowing also that new home wiring exists not only to power appliances, but also to give light to the entire living experience, Shoreline Electrical takes your project from start to finish by furnishing indoor and outdoor lighting equipment.  Many municipalities strictly regulate lighting fixtures both for energy conservation fire hazard prevention.  Many people feel this limits their decorative options, but Shoreline Electrical has the solution.  We know all the requirements of these regulations, and as a vendor of indoor and outdoor lighting equipment we can develop an entire lighting theme tailor-made for the wiring system in your new home that is both attractive and 100% compliant with all authorities.  We can even wire your home with new automation technology, making lights and appliances work in tandem and obey your every command!

When Shoreline Electrical wires a new home, we don’t just lay the copper and turn on the lights.  We thoughtfully plan and implement the wiring of every new home to meet the needs of daily life and to cover all bases in the event of an emergency.  Why not call us today and experience the peace of mind and excellent service we can contribute to your life’s dream.

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